“Philippa knows how to make an entrance ... it may come as a surprise that ten years ago, the self-taught florist who’s worked with the likes of Hermès, Alexander McQueen and Kensington Palace (she designed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding flowers), had just begun experimenting with the art of arrangements. In this short time, she’s risen to the top.”


Each of the three Design Tutorials includes a beautiful, practical film where Philippa explains each step and shares her tips and sustainable techniques and a full colour how-to Design Guide offering step-by-step details for each design, full ingredients list, tools, mechanics and sundries.


An abundant design with a traditional moss base, a mass of seasonal greenery and uplifting, coloured blooms.  I share every step in detail, with unique techniques to ensure you enjoy creating the most beautiful and full wreaths with confidence.


A series of intricate garlands to place in swathes over your mantelpiece, down your staircase, across your table or add decor to your doorways.  Sustainable methods to ensure an even, delicate and intricate design, full of movement and beauty.


The full steps to create an incredible ceiling installation, which can be placed over your table or in a key part of your home, all based on sustainable methods.  It is a professional level design, which I explain in detail and a down to earth manner, to ensure you succeed.

Turn 2020 on its head and transform your home into an uplifting, happy and positive space to create a memorable Christmas full of love and laughter this year.

In this Masterclass I will show you how to create the most incredible sustainable, suspended installation along with a luscious garland and a wild and abundant woodland wreath. 

Combined, these three designs will give you everything you need to create the most beautiful, magical display in your home.

Each Tutorial is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned florists, I will tell you everything you need and show you every step.

The use of colours & textures this year, are designed to create a feeling of positivity and nurture. 

Pale pinks, deep pinks, touches of snow white and luscious greens, with a focus on delicacy and lightness.  The mini film shows a selection of the finished designs from the first three Modules.


Lynne Schweizer Hudson  (Floristry Fundamentals Masterclass Alumni '20)

“I am learning so much and want to watch the videos over and over again.  Philippa is an absolutely marvellous teacher. It’s a rare gift to have someone so over the top talented as an artist be able to teach in such an approachable and clear manner. In these turbulent times (especially in the US), this course has given me a reprieve from heaviness and entry into unalloyed joy.”

Five Festive Modules, Practical & Theory

The three Practical video Tutorials are accompanied by two further Theory based Modules, all five have beautiful downloadable PDF documents. Plus a live Q&A to answer all your questions, a wholly supportive global community of likeminded souls and lifetimes access to the course.


Over three hours of film with Philippa, sharing three new and unique sustainable festive designs, each accompanied with downloadable PDF guides.


Through a beautiful PDF guide, Philippa shares all the inspiration behind 2020's Christmas designs. Including design concepts for you to follow, to help you embrace and develop your own unique ideas.


Through images and how-to suggestions, Philippa helps you to apply your creativity to additional decorative touches this festive season, including table designs and place settings.


Live session with Philippa - lasting approx. one hour. It will be recorded so you can watch and re-watch at a later date.


One private, kind, encouraging & wholly supportive online global community, for you to share thoughts & discuss new ideas.


Lifetime access to the Masterclass for you to watch and enjoy again and again.

Our private, global, online community group will be filled with flower enthusiasts and florists from around the world who share ideas, ask questions and post designs but most importantly are the loveliest bunch of people. It is a complete joy to welcome everyone and then see the conversations and connections happen as the course continues.  Philippa and her team frequently pop into the group to see the beautiful designs and answer any immediate questions.

The Live Q&A is always a highlight of our course as Philippa answers all your questions. Ask as many as you like. The Q&A is live-streamed into our community group and is recorded for students to watch as many times as you like. After the Q&A we share the question sheet with Philippa’s personal notes for students to keep.

Karen Alexander (Christmas Masterclass Alumni '19)

The Q&A with Philippa was worth the whole cost of the course on its own!”

Everything is yours to keep for the lifetime of the course, to refer back to year after year. Our students love watching the films – sometimes just to relax, rather than to design because they are so beautiful. The documents you can print out and make your own notes in to use as a reminder as you design.

“This year more than ever I am looking forward to nurturing myself and my family through the festive season. I am dreaming of beautiful, natural designs within my home - woodland inspired, abundant wreaths, wild foliage garlands and inspiring suspended installations. I want to create a home where my family feel loved and safe, with a series of designs which will transport us to a beautiful, vibrant, festive celebration. If we need to keep this Christmas a little smaller with everything going on in the wider world, then I want it to be a Christmas where we feel special and one we whole-heartedly cherish and remember in a happy, positive way.”

Philippa x

Sarah Gilchrist  (Christmas Masterclass Alumni '19)

“I loved the combination of video, then the beautiful hard copies that were so easy to save which means you have that to keep going back to. I also loved the Community group which gave you a real sense of being part of something amazing. I can’t express how much pleasure this course and fabulous knowledge it has given me. Philippa you have been outstanding, thank you.”



Detailed step-by-step video, taking you through each stage to create my Christmas 2020, woodland inspired, abundant wreath. Supporting PDF detailing all the ingredients, tools and written step-by-step guide accompanies..

Christmas Garland

Detailed step-by-step video, to create a beautiful, foliage rich garland to any length you choose. Supporting PDF detailing all the ingredients, tools and written step-by-step guide accompanies.

Suspended  Installation

Detailed step-by-step video, including all the sustainable mechanics as well as design tips and techniques to create a stunning Suspended Installation which you can position anywhere in your home. Supporting PDF detailing all the ingredients, tools and written step-by-step guide accompanies.

Christmas Green Room

Access to our brilliant and exclusive community space. Here all Masterclass attendees support each other, share ideas and tips from around the world, learning together alongside likeminded souls, I am frequently inside the group, supporting and sharing ideas. The group is private to participants on the Christmas Design Masterclass.

Decorative Touches

Sometimes it’s the tiny details that make all the difference. This guide is full of images and how-to suggestions to help you take your designs to another level.

Live Q&A with Philippa

Join me in our private community group, on December 8th at 12noon (GMT), where I will answer all your questions. The session will be saved and a link to the video will be available to view afterwards, so you can watch again or at a later date.

Christmas Design Inspiration

I will share with you what inspires my designs and what elements have helped me to create this year’s designs.

Lifetime Access

The course is yours to keep to watch again and again.

Karen Grimsey (Christmas Masterclass Alumni '19)

“The course, the tutorials and the group were a fantastic experience for me. Especially as there were people from all over the world! The Masterclass was a present to myself and one I shall cherish and use the knowledge from forever! I would love to be part of another Masterclass in the future too!”


I have chosen these three designs because everybody’s home is unique. The garland is exceptionally adaptable, it can decorate a stairway, create a centre piece on a table, be draped over a mantel or a mirror or simply be pinned around your front porch and can be made to any length. I usually have two or three each year in my home. Wreaths are far more flexible than just to be used on your front door.  Created a little smaller they can be placed around candles or storm lanterns looking beautiful on a table or made to any size to decorate walls and awkward spaces. My ceiling installation is a true showstopper. It will sit above your dining table, above a kitchen island or it is equally happy covering up a room divider beam.  I recommend you observe your house as if for the first time, and think again about how you can transform it this year into a unique and beautiful space.

With huge love,
Philippa x

P.S. if you have any questions at all, please do email [email protected] who will be thrilled to help and advise (and you can also always send me a DM via Instagram, I try to reply to every message I receive).

The accompanying PDF Guides - to the 3 Practical Tutorials - are full of supporting ideas, detailed lists & essential pointers for you to download, keep and refer back to again and again (below is a mini preview).

Wendy Robinson (Masterclass Alumni)

“Loved the detail and techniques.  I was worried I wasn't going to learn anything new but I was really delighted to pick up new ideas and tips.  More Masterclasses please!”

“Known for her work with brands such as Chopard, Patek Philippe and Bvlgari, you can throw anything at Philippa, including - as has happened - a demand for 40,000 pink roses for an event with only a few days’ notice. She’s a floral mastermind.”

“Philippa Craddock knows how to make an entrance. The self-taught florist was responsible for the cascading arch of greenery that decorated the facade of St George’s Chapel, in Windsor, for Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Now she will soon be releasing an incredible new series of online Workshops, the first will make your home fit for a royal visit. ”

“A genius in the world of floristry, Philippa Craddock has produced inspirational displays for the likes of Tiffany & Co., Jo Malone and Lancôme, and has been recently appointed as Selfridges’ only florist, where she creates jaw-droopingly gorgeous bouquets.”

Christmas Design Masterclass 2020 Countdown

The Masterclass is only on sale for 2 weeks. We close sales on 29th November 2020 just before midnight (GMT).









Orders close at midnight on NOVEMBER 29th.

On DECEMBER 1st you will be given full access to the Christmas Design Masterclass, details of the LIVE Q&A and you will be invited to join our Christmas Green Room, our exclusive and private community space.

All the tutorials are yours to keep, to refer to again and again, and the Live Q&A which takes place on DECEMBER 8th at 12noon (GMT), will be recorded for you to re-watch or to tune in at a later date.

Sue Merotra (Floristry Fundamentals 2020)

"You are inspirational! I have enjoyed every design and love the fact I can watch when it suits me and also rewatch as often as I wish. It’s good to have the downloads too and the costings. Thank you"

Sandy Whyte (Floristry Fundamentals 2020)

"Thank you' are such small words for this wonderful experience! I have enjoyed every moment and learned such a lot!"
I look forward to the next class!

Maxine Padley (Christmas Masterclass 2019)

"I was so thrilled with the end result - I didn’t think I was capable of making such an attractive wreath and garland and it wasn’t so difficult once you know the technique."

Tom Gorsuch (Floristry Fundamentals 2020)

Thank you so much for your answer, Philippa! Knowing you felt the way I currently feel while starting up has given me the reassurance I haven't been able to get anywhere else."

Marylou Gilbert (Floristry Fundamentals 2020)

Philippa once again you have inspired me. Your approach is so informative, and practical. I'm also so impressed by the amount of effort and time you have put into this Masterclass. Thank you..It's a true joy."

Victoria Bazoeva (Christmas Masterclass 2019)

“It was packed with very useful and practical information as well as detailed tips on how to make everything perfect.  Just amazing.  Thank you!”

Sarah Gilchrist (Christmas Masterclass 2019)

"I can’t express how much pleasure this course and fabulous knowledge it has given me. Philippa you have done an outstanding job, thank you."


Carol Sweeney (Floristry Fundamentals 2020)

"This is so beautiful Philippa , I have loved all of your designs but this one takes my breath away . I think I shall be watching this many more times just for the pleasure of watching you create it"

Johanna Gates (Floristry Fundamentals 2020)

"Philippa, thank you so much for that inspiring session, your enthusiasm is infectious and just makes me happy! Not to mention all the technical tips and know hows too."


Frequently Asked Questions

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